Fitness Program

“Anthony is certified NCSF ”

NCSF is one of the largest fitness certification organizations in the USA. The NCSF Certified Personal Trainer is well recognized worldwide with more than 250.000 personal trainers certified to date.

Our team of Personal Trainers can tailor a programme specifically designed to get the most out of your training that will push you further, keep you motivated and ensure you are focussed on the right areas.

“You are going to improve your”

  1. Mobility
  2. Core
  3. Strength
  4. Cardio

You can register for a private session, a package of 8 sessions or for group and boot camps.



  • Private session
    1 hour
    SGD 120


  • Package
    of 8 sessions of 1 hour
    SGD 880

Group or boot camps

  • group or boot camps
    1 hour
    SGD 50
    per pax